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expensive to be poor is a project in the form of a commercial website, this online store was created, believing in the extensively contemporary art platform. The project started with the idea of having artworks available for sale under 10,000 THB (approximately 270 Euro). The artists have been invited to select or to mostly produce new work in response to the project, mirroring multifarious artistic practices.

A New collection is being introduced at the beginning of 2023. ‘+0’ is expanding our artworks to the limit of 100,000 THB, aiming to provide more selection and variety.

The project, pursuing the urgency of the world situation, responding to the current social and financial hardship, new beliefs and creativities continue to rise, inverse to the market and the circulation. Trading and exchanging, in the arts helps distribute and unfold the dialogue, creating fluctuation and movement, generating a ripple effect in art circles.


This website will become a platform, providing accessibility for the audience, intertwining collecting with pleasure and extending the elements and factors which propel the arts scene. The project determination is to stimulate the art collecting climate, cherish the artists and allowing their practice to flourish.

expensive to be poor will not be just an e-commerce site but rather allowing the idea to expand and to convert or reshape its form, aiming to continue to physically and conceptually widen itself through time.

For further information, feel free to email us at

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