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Jeanne Penjan Lassus
  • Jeanne Penjan Lassus


    Manghopir, 2021

    Inkjet print on 290gsm baryta paper

    24.8 x 36.8 cm


    Edition limited to 18 copies + 1 AP

    Each print is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist.


    The crocodile, for the artist is an animal with a compelling appearance that somehow has an otherworldly presence. These mesmerising crocodiles, prehistoric animals that are sometimes called living fossils, at the shrine of the Sufi saint in Karachi, captured the artist’s attention, the myths and the stories behind these animals open up thoughts of evolutionary time and how things change and exist. The photograph is not centered on the crocodile itself but rather brings up the blurred barrier to the forefront, creating an obscure way of perceiving the image within its time and space.

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