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Nipan Oranniwesna
  • Nipan Oranniwesna

    Untitled: A perfect place 04122021, 2021


    Giclée print and hand pierced on ILFORD Texture Silk 270 gsm.

    Image size 42.2 x 28 cm, paper size 45.7 x 31.5 cm


    Edition limited to 15 copies + 3 AP all signed in pencil on the front


    The artist uses the condition of this wandering to explore and confront various locations. Some places are full of history, some places are just a passageway for people or some areas are overlooked. The artist uses his body and his senses to help him remember and uses the tools which he had with him to record, in order to later find a way to talk about it.


    “A perfect place for me was to bring myself to encounter natural areas in Chumphon province during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. With the strict conditioned ways of living that everyone had to equally comply with, confrontation with people which is usually so general, became a concern, while taking myself out to face the real landscape is magical.”


    Hand pieced text:  


    The perfect place to do one

    To be in a state of being

    Do what needs to be done

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