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Pratchaya Phinthong
  • Pratchaya Phinthong

    Unclock, 2019

    Inkjet print on 110 gsm washi paper
    34 x 25.5 cm (image size)
    49 x 38.5 cm (image mounted on off-white paper with timber frame width, 1.3 cm)

    Edition limited to 20 copies +  3 AP

    Each piece is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist


    Price :  6,500 Baht
    8,500 Baht (with timber frame)

    The photograph of the sketch of an artwork ‘unclock, 2019'*  was produced to reveal itself and unbar the tenure to the audience. In 2019, Pratchaya participated in the exhibition ‘In Situ from Outside: Reconfiguring The Past In Between The Present’ at the National Museum, Bangkok, together with another six artists. The artworks shown in this exhibition currently lie dormant within institution custody, adding layers of time and history. The appearance of this work marks newly reminisced aspects.



    *unclock, 2019
    Watchman clock paper roll, size 1 cm x uncertain length, recorded date, hour, minute and indication number (1 Foreigner 2 Thais) who received a free pass to the museum.

    Derived from the question of how different languages function through times and words are always a key to visualise history. Pratchaya realises his work through a performative act, in the form of a code of behaviour. Every day a keyword or a phrase is created for a performer to communicate to visitors and used as a free pass to the museum when a visitor conveys the keyword to the ticket office. The happened transmitted languages or dialogues will be recorded in a form of a trace of time that constantly moves throughout the exhibition period. This trace of time appears in the exhibition space reflecting both the visibility and the unperceived of the past event and the future. Pratchaya’s work connects and creates the shifting between individuals, time and languages that lays the various prospects of history accessible and generating different ways to memorise these stories.

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