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Pratchaya Phinthong
  • Pratchaya Phinthong

    Expensive to be Poor, 2022

    Ink on porcelain tile 01/02

    25 x 20 cm

    With stand




    Expensive to be Poor, 2022

    Ink on porcelain dish 01/02

    Dish diameter: 25 cm

    Frame size: 37 x 37 cm



    During my visit to Istanbul, I encountered a souvenir shop near the Hagia Sophia, where I found empty plates and tiles awaiting your words. I was asked and responded to the calligrapher in the store by writing, “it's expensive to be poor.”

    I feel the words resting on porcelain are part of civilisation and are as fragile as life.

    • As part of +0

      A New collection is being introduced at the beginning of 2023. ‘+0’ is expanding our artworks to the limit of 100,000 THB, aiming to provide more selection and variety.

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