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Sathit Sattarasart
  • Sathit Sattarasart

    time to go home and cook supper while listening to the radio, 2021

    Spot UV on paper

    29 x 42 cm


    open editions

    Each print is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist.



    On 14 July 1789, French crowds stormed the Bastille, a fortress-prison in Paris, looting for cached gunpowder, to fight against the royal army and to protect the freedom of the prisoners, which in reality, were only a few inmates. This marked a significant historical, social and political event of the country. It became the symbolic beginning of the revolutionist, who battles against oppression and injustice.

    The work “time to go home and cook supper while listening to the radio (2021)” is a creation of delicate sensory perceptions of the appeared and unappeared line. The slight ridge on the red paper is an abbreviation of the artist’s representation under the concept of connecting different stories. Historical events that arise from different places in different periods; food, revolution, and the reflection of freedom of expression are linked together. Albeit the humble simplicity of Sattarasart’s work instead gives us a feeling of being full of complexity, this time with violence, restriction, the serene and liberation.

    “….When the sun touched the river, we found a Destroying Angel standing underneath a shrub. Clearly, we opted for supermarket oyster mushrooms instead. We have rice instead of bread or pasta noodles, whereas the salt still fits rather well with the red print on the kitchen wall. We could never differentiate the print's head or tail, top or bottom, nor its left or right….”

    Sattarasart’s work addresses various kinds of artistic and socially-engaged subject matter, often retracing “how things come to be” and redefining things in their situational, and everyday life scenarios. He often directs his attention, with both empathic and critical potential, to art-related subjects, such as the artist’s role; institutional subjects; and artistic authorship, conditions, framing, and art production.

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