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Thakol Khaosa-ad
  • Thakol Khaosa-ad

    six magnets, 2020


    gouache on wood veneer sheet on rubber magnet sheet

    5 x 5 cm (each magnet) 


    6 unique sets (each set contains 6 magnets)

    Each set comes in a plywood box 

    * Editon 5/6 has a small defect on the plywood box


    ** A purchase limit of 1 set per person 



    six magnets was developed following his previous works which lies in the method of blurring the image with a mosaic effect, creating 36 mosaic grids (6 rows and 6 columns) Thakol’s interests are in the transformation of the original photograph, through different processes to the painting and the dispersion of image and the possibilities given to its coalition that comes from the possible rearrangements.

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