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Thakol Khaosa-ad
  • Thakol Khaosa-ad

    Empty Grid, 2021
    Gouache on Maple wood, Ash wood
    30.8 x 30.8 cm
    Edition limited to 3 copies


    Empty Grid (2021) continues his conceptually artistic pattern of the previous series of work “6x6”, he uses the process of creating this work in order to practice and study the technique and to improve the weaknesses he found in his earlier implemented woodworks. The technique we are talking of here is rather the basis and the simplest act of steadiness. Each grid line has to be precisely joined, each piece of wood is assembled with an exact and strict process, this then will create the faultless identical side of the block structure. This indistinguishable grid was constructed to enable free orientation.  

    The black and white colour, taken from the artist-made pixelated photograph, was applied onto a wooden grid. The orientation of the wooden structure would create a different perception through the colour. This solid structure was integrated with the flowing field of colour vision, which can change due to the viewpoint and the movement of our body. Empty Grid is a work that effectively shows the collision and the shifting perspective between the painting and the wooden sculpture in which each practice enhances each others dimensions. 

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